Tales from Bramble

Multi-Adventure Campaign

1. Quest for Zane

Tales From Bramble - Chapter One: Quest for Zane — You live in the peaceful village of Aspenhill. It's a small community found on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Bramble. Aspenhill is full of a variety of races and people. You live in Aspenhill because [Insert your reason]. Against your best efforts, rumors of...
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2. Tower of the Six Mages

Tales From Bramble - Chapter Two: Tower of the Six Mages — After the successful rescue mission of Rollin, the team set off to the Kingdom of Bramble. The team was stopped by a Half-Elf man and his guards as they approached the village of Aspenhill. The man introduced himself as Helgo. The Half-Elf man...
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3. The Gallows

Tales From Bramble - Chapter Three: The Gallows — After exploring the Tower of the Six Mages, the team discovers the scrolls. None of the team members were able to decipher the scrolls and returned to Bramble to seek guidance from the King and his Wizards.  Once the team arrived at Bramble, King Zane informs...
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4. The Dark World

The team arrived safely back to Bramble after successfully rescuing Rymick from the gallows. They tell Rymick about Helgo and their mission to the Tower of the Six Mages. The team asked Rymick to read the sacred scrolls they found in the Tower. Rymick explains it contains information about a Multi-Dimensional Staff located in the...
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5. Betrayal

As the blue light from the teleport faded, the team recognized that they were back at the Great Hall in the Kingdom of Bramble. They had successfully obtained the Multi-Dimensional Staff and defeated the evil Helgo. After the startled guards of Bramble recognized the team they promptly left to find King Zane. The King appeared...
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7. The Mausoleum of Forgotten Souls

The team continued their search for the remaining three creatures released into the world by the evil King Zane. Word spread of sightings of ghosts and dead rising by the Mausoleum of Forgotten Souls. The team decided to search out the mausoleum for clues of the remaining creatures. The Team journeyed to a neighboring town...
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