1st Semester of Grad School


Well, I can't believe that my first semester at the Brandcenter is over. Its been a very busy semester full of late night, stressful projects, and difficult group projects. Overall, I am happy that I (I mean Katie and I) have chosen to attend grad school at VCU Brandcenter. I need to give a special thanks to my wife in supporting me through this period of time. I honestly believe that we are both getting a grad degree. She has given me great advice, assistants on multiple projects (my official proofreader) and mostly an open ear during the past few months. Thank you Katie. 

Besides working on branding, positioning, and ad campaigns, the teachers at the Brandcenter try to instill the importance of teamwork. One particular project for the class Business of Branding we were to construct a Rube Goldberg Machine. We won second place. Check out the video below:

Creative Brand Manager: Daren L.

Communication Strategist: Anthony K., Natalia E.

Copywriter: Eric J.

Art Director: Lexi K.

Experience Design: Bryan M.


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