Blog-welcoming party

It's here! My new website, brand, and blog. 

I thought I would start off with a disclaimer. I am not, and do not consider myself a writer. My fifth grade, hand written report sums up one of my lifelong struggles. I wrote, "My weakness is speeling."  - yep little Daren, speeling (and writing) is still one of your many weaknesses. 

In contemplating if I even wanted to include a blog on my website, I ended up deciding to do it. Not for me, but for my family. I understand that most likely they only people who will read this blog are those in my immediate family. Being a visual man, I want to show them what is going on in my life. This blog will mostly consist of pictures (more than you will find on Instagram and Facebook) of my latest adventures, work, or funny stories in my life. 

Without further adieu, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  

Daren LifferthComment